Holding a work conference in a boutique hotel

15 September 2016
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If you are organising a work conference a boutique hotel can be a great option. Not only do they tend to have more interesting decor and a more interesting 'vibe', they can also be a more intimate space for your brand to showcase itself. Here are some tips when looking at boutique hotels for a work conference.

Does this hotel suit your brand?

One of the great things about boutique hotels is that they often have a unique theme which you can match to your brand. Some boutique hotels are super tech savvy and have modern decor and allow you to control the room from touch screens, whilst others might be delicate and filled with antiques and so on. Finding a hotel that suits your brand can help to get your staff in the right frame of mind and emphasise your brand and goals. 

Can you prebook all of the hotel accomodation?

One of the excellent things about holding your conference in a smaller hotel is that you can often take over the entire venue which makes it a more valuable experience for staff who can interact with each other out of work hours as well as during the informal events. Often these sessions can even be more valuable than the formal sessions. However, if the hotel also has other guests you may find that people don't naturally interact as much as they may not know if the person is from the same company and may be reluctant to reach out to start conversations. It can make sense to book a long way out, so that you can get a whole hotel booking. 

What facilities do they have?

If you are running a work conference you may need audio-visual equipment as well a comfortable room for whole company presentations. You might also like to check the other facilities for other activities such as a room where you can run fun social activities. Many hotels, even if they don't have dedicated facilities, can show some flexibility in setting up a restaurant or outdoor area to help you get through the conference. 

If you are looking for a unique location for your next work conference it can be a fun idea to look at boutique hotels. These can often have a vibe that talks directly to your brand and can let you run a more intimate conference which encourages interaction between your staff members.