A Guide on Examining Restaurant Reviews

29 January 2020
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The internet is the leading source of information for people seeking restaurant reviews. However, unscrupulous individuals have been known to give false information regarding the quality of services provided at the restaurant. In the article below, you will learn how to examine internet reviews when looking for a restaurant.  

Google Listings

Google list my business is an online tool that allows business people to advertise their businesses on Google. Once you search "restaurants in location X", you will find the contacts, opening and closing hours, website links and photos of relevant restaurants. People that visit the establishment can leave reviews or rate the restaurant out of five stars. 

The primary advantage of google business listing is that it allows both the restaurant's management and customers to give first-hand information regarding the services provided at the restaurant. Besides, you will also find a map to direct you to the restaurant. 

Social Media Interactions

Below are a few tips to help you filter social media reviews:

  • Check discussions and trends where social media users discuss the restaurant. It ensures you get varied opinions about the business.
  • Rely on recent reviews.
  • Check user comments on the restaurant's social media pages. Businesses that are quick to respond to customer inquiries likely provide quality services.
  • You will also find the restaurant's management and staff on various social media platforms. Conduct some internet research to determine their work ethic and experience.


Reputable travel, lifestyle and cooking blogs can provide detailed information about how the restaurant operates. Writers and editors of these blogs are enthusiasts that can give a comprehensive account of food quality, ambience and the quality of extra amenities. Further, they can give an accurate description of how the restaurant compares to other establishments in its class. You will also find newspaper and magazine excerpts discussing events at the restaurant, the surrounding neighbourhood and clientele.   

It would be difficult for a restaurant to please all its customers. As such, you can expect to find one or two negative reviews, even when the restaurant provides exceptional and high-quality services. However, you would be concerned about a business that elicits a string of negative reviews across the discussed avenues.

Reviewing a restaurant could not be any easier. Check Google my business listings, social media and blog reviews. Once you have visited a restaurant yourself, help other customers by leaving an honest review of your experience at the restaurant.