Motel Wi-Fi Access: How to Connect to the Internet

28 September 2016
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Everybody likes to stay connected during trips. However, if you are travelling on a budget, you may be looking for ways to save money on the cost of Wi-Fi. Below are some top tips on how to keep the cost of using the internet down when staying in a motel. Join a loyalty program Some motels, particularly those that are part of a chain, will offer you the chance to join up to a loyalty program when you book your room or check-in. Read More 

Holding a work conference in a boutique hotel

15 September 2016
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If you are organising a work conference a boutique hotel can be a great option. Not only do they tend to have more interesting decor and a more interesting 'vibe', they can also be a more intimate space for your brand to showcase itself. Here are some tips when looking at boutique hotels for a work conference. Does this hotel suit your brand? One of the great things about boutique hotels is that they often have a unique theme which you can match to your brand. Read More 

Why Consider Hotels for Team Building

7 September 2016
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Australia has some of the most unforgettable hotels. You will usually find them situated in stunning surroundings with breath-taking views. These views can be experienced in any of their conference meeting rooms that tend to have floor to ceiling windows making it perfect for meetings that have to be held in warm weather. This is not the only option though. If you are looking for an elegant venue that has the simple beauty of the countryside incorporated with the metropolis of city life, you can still find hotels to meet your needs. Read More 

Hotel Dining | 4 Sharp Strategies To Woo Clients With An Impressive Dinner Meeting In Your Hotel

30 August 2016
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Winning new clients for your business relies just as heavily on the way you market your offerings as it does on the products you are selling. If you travel inter-country or interstate to win new clients for your business, then you have to think of smart ways to impress them. This guide aims to help you with sharp strategies to woo clients with an impressive dining meeting in your hotel restaurant. Read More 

Ways for Aussie Students to Save Money on Group Travel

24 August 2016
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One of the best things about being a student is the length of the holidays. If you aren't too busy working to pay off your loan, the summer holidays stretch out invitingly, demanding to be used. The question is, how to make the best use of your precious holiday time without eating into your budget for next term's textbooks? If you get together with a group of friends, you can enjoy spectacular breaks in Australia and save money. Read More