5 Reasons Backpackers Should Consider Serviced Apartments

10 November 2022
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Backpacking around the country can be a fantastic experience, and for most people, that involves staying in hostels. While hostels can be great, backpackers should also think about booking a serviced apartment. This doesn't have to be something you do at every stop, but serviced apartments do offer a wide range of benefits that can be ideal for travellers.

Here are just five.

1. Chance to Split Costs

People often assume that serviced apartments will be too expensive. However, that isn't always the case, especially since many backpackers travel as a group. Since you're paying for the apartment itself instead of for individual beds in a hostel, you have the opportunity to split the cost and perhaps end up spending less than you would for a hostel.

2. Option to Self-Cater

One of the nicest things about serviced apartments is being able to cook for yourself. Most backpackers will tell you how nice this is after having to rely on either eating out or very modest hostel kitchens for months at a time. As well as getting to enjoy home cooking, self-catering also offers another chance to save since it's far cheaper than relying on restaurants and fast food.

3. Amenities Included

Even when hostels offer the amenities you need, they generally aren't free. This can make anything from using the internet to doing your laundry more expensive than it really should be, and such services are rarely of the highest quality. With a serviced apartment, you can use all the amenities you'd get from a regular apartment without having to pay a cent more, and you won't have to worry about slow connections or less-than-hygienic washing facilities.

4. Live Like a Local

Backpackers tend to prioritize more authentic experiences, and serviced apartments help since you'll get to live exactly as a local would. While hostels generally look the same wherever you travel, apartments will feel unique between locations and give you the experience of actually living somewhere rather than just renting a bed. This is especially nice when you're staying for a week or two.

5. Enjoy Some Privacy

While backpacking can be the experience of a lifetime, one drawback is the lack of privacy. That can really get to you during long trips, but booking a serviced apartment every now and then offers a great chance to relax and enjoy some time to yourself. You'll be amazed at how good it feels just to take a long bath or spend the night watching TV without having to worry about other people.

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